Dear visitor to our gallery
I am Andrea Mathys-König. I am the owner of asiatrendgallery.

Me, my husband Roland and our son Yves have been living in Asia for many years and are now back in Bern, Switzerland.
During our travels through Southeast Asia, India and China we time and again have seen beautiful art-work from extremely talented artists. We always felt that beautiful art-pieces are very inspiring and radiate a tremendous positive energy, which makes you simply feel good! 
Encouraged by very positive feedback to some of the pieces we collected, we developed the idea of going beyond just buying paintings for ourselves, but rather make them available to a wider audience and at the same time help the artists gaining access to more people.
Over the last 10 years, we have met a number of very exciting artists. We have not only started buying their art for ourselves and subsequently selling some of the pieces on, but we have also developed very close personal relationships with all of them. We handpick each and every piece in our collection from the artist self. All pieces are bought from the artist, since they need the revenue for their living expenses.
After having done this for 10 years in Singapore, we now want to continue to support our artists and make the beautiful art available in Switzerland. Since this is our passion and hobby, we do not have a physical gallery, but do sell online and conduct regularely exhibitions to showcase the latest art. We are looking forward to your support for these talented artists.