Protection for your purchase

PayPal has developed several programs to help protect your purchases on and outside eBay. Here's how:

100% protection for unauthorised payments sent from your account

You're protected from any payment sent from your PayPal account that you did not authorise whether the purchase was made on or outside eBay. As a fraud-prevention measure, we'll send an email confirmation for every online PayPal payment that you make. If you receive an email confirmation for a transaction that you didn't approve, contact us and we'll work with you to quickly resolve the issue.

Buyer Protection when you shop on eBay

If you don't receive an eBay item that you purchased using PayPal, or what you receive is significantly not as described by the seller, your eligible transactions are covered for the full purchase price and original shipping cost. Find out more and see eligibility.

Buyer Protection when you shop outside eBay

When you purchase items outside eBay, you’re covered by PayPal’s Buyer Complaint Policy, which lets you submit a dispute for an item you don’t receive or an item significantly not as described. By doing so, you have the opportunity to resolve your dispute directly with the seller.